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Mono Roofing Services Ltd

Chimney Services

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The old mortar of the brick joints will be raked out and replaced with new strong mortar for a long lasting repair.

The complete custom rebuilding of your chimney followed by a safety check by a CORGI registered engineer.

The area around the chimney is engineered to ensure the smooth drainage of rainwater from the chimney.

Change the look of your chimney. Whether you want to reduce the height, add coloured bricks around the courses or corbel for a decorative finish, we have got you covered.

Do you want to remove your chimney entirely? We’ll reduce it to below the roof level and roof over the chimney area, creating a seamless finish.

We can alternatively cap the chimney if it is no longer being used.


Chimney repair and maintenance
Whether a functioning chimney or a design feature, your chimney will require maintenance to ensure the bricks don't dry out and deteriorate. Mono Roofing Ltd offers chimney repointing, remodelling, reflaunching, capping off and complete removal or any style of chimney. Contact us today for all your chimney maintenance requirements in Leicester.

We also provide slate, tile and flat roofing, roofline services and decorative leadwork.


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